Get Inspired, Get Going !

It’s good to get inspiration or get motivated!! For learning, it’s the curiosity which matters the most and inspiration can help fuel that learning, which is good. As wise people say it, learning should NEVER STOP and if you are getting motivated/inspiration from someone/something, that too should get the required acknowledgement as it helped you to learn and grow !

I happened to stumble upon this blog of seasoned Automation Tester ‘Beth’ : , which got me thinking the same thing what all she has described in this blog. Online resume (or portfolio) may sound a bit odd, but if we really think deeply about it, there is nothing better or Kooler than this. How does Startup or good tech companies hires college geeks or how they hire a security or some expert. Not just by interview but looking into the the accomplishments achieved by that person and going by their GitHub account ! Beth captured some of the real benefits of having this portfolio correctly and since all the projects present on the GitHub would be something more of a template or a framework in bare bones but yet provides a good understanding of work & knowledge the person has about the work (s)he does. Again not only these, some other benefits can be among like this

  • Instead of not so useful Data structures questions being asked in the interview, something as simple as Map / Hashmap or set implemented in the code can be discussed and other usages as well
  • Bare bone framework structures can help solve Big companies Coding/Use cases rounds without actually creating something from scratch
  • Can be a good source of learning/inspirations to fellow automation enthusiasts and beginners, looking for boiler plate code to start working and grow

Now, as Beth confessed while setting up a goal for herself & creating first page of her journey to create Test Automation Portfolio, I would also like to confess that I might have experience of variety of tools and Not actively worked in Automation for sometime in past. But without thinking too much about the past and acknowledging/accepting it as a challenge but also knowing I can take help of various online resources which are there for help for a tester like me, who is just a beginner/intermediate in many thing or areas of the test automation.

Goal : in 6 months time, I will attempt to have the following on Github :-

  • Java based Web UI Automation framework with an active end to end flow automated using Selenium/ TestNG/ HTML Reporting and Proper Indentation
  • API Automation test framework using Java REST Assured
  • API Automation test framework using Python and Behave (BDD) with HTML Reporting
  • Java + BDD based automation
  • Jenkins + Docker files to configure any testing suite mentioned above to start working

Wish Me Luck, to complete this before Lockdown / WFH ends !

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